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Did you know that you can find free scrap metal almost anywhere in the United States? There are plenty of places where contractors and builders will willing you give you all of the scrap metal you want. In return, you just have to turn that scrap metal into cash at your local yard. If you want to know where to find scrap metal for free, then here’s where you need to go.

#1. Your Local General Contractor

Every local general contractor has a need at some point in time to have scrap metal removed. From foreclosure clean-outs to the scrap left over from a new home build and everything in-between, you’re doing the contractor a favor by picking up his leftovers. You won’t make a fortune selling scrap this way, but with the right vehicle and enough scrap, it can average about $100 per load.

#2. Your Local Parks, Beaches, and Public Areas

Let’s face it: people are lazy and cheap. They’d rather throw their junk away in a public space that’s 10 miles away than take it to the recycling yard that’s just down the street. Most people don’t realize that they can receive money for their scrap metal, so they just toss it away like common garbage. Take a metal detector down to your local beach, park, or public area and you can find a treasure trove of cash just waiting for you.

#3. Your Crawlspace or Attic

When builders don’t have someone hauling off their scrap metal for them, it becomes cheaper to just leave it behind. If you get up into your attic space or down into your crawlspace, there’s a good chance that you’ll find some scrap metal just lying around. It can be some highly valuable scrap metal as well. Copper, brass, and aluminum are often left behind and this can be several dollars per pound to you depending on the spot price for the day.

#4. That Carbonated Beverage In Your Hand

That’s right. Aluminum cans in the United States can be recycled at scrap metal yards in almost all 50 states. You’ll need to check if your state has a deposit law on the books before taking cans to the yard. States with a deposit allow you to return the cans for a refund of the deposit paid. That means if you see a garbage can full of empty Coca-Cola cans, you’ve probably got $20 on your hands if you’re in a deposit state. If not, you can still get an average of $0.80 per pound for the metal.

#5. The Device You’re Using to Read This

That’s right – there is scrap metal in your electronics. Although the amount of scrap metal is small, a few electronic items that have the gold removed from them can bring in a solid return. Gold is consistently trading above $1,000 per ounce. Gather a stockpile of abandoned equipment, melt off the gold, and you’ll be in business.

There is free scrap metal everywhere around you. If you want to know where to find scrap metal in your area, then contact your local builders, partner with a general contractor, or take a look around your home. You might just find more profit available than you every imagined.

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