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How to you get rid of your scrap metal? If you’re living in the USA, then you’ve got several options available to you. The most lucrative option would be to take your own scrap metal to your local yard or dealer. This eliminates any transportation costs that may be assigned to redemption rates and allows you to receive the best possible deal.

If you don’t have a vehicle that can transport your scrap metal or you just don’t feel like putting in all of the work to load and unload, then here are some additional scrap metal pick up options that may be available in your community.

#1. Scrap Yards Often Have Pick Up Options

If you are trying to scrap a large metal item, like a dryer or a refrigerator, then there’s a good chance you won’t fit that into your four door sedan. What you can do is contact your local metal scrap recycling yard to see if they have a pick up option. Many yards will run routes through their community on a weekly basis to pick up any scrap that homes and businesses may have. Just ask to get onto this route and you’ll have your scrap picked up.

Pros: You don’t have to do the work yourself. Your metal scrap gets picked up at a time that works for you.

Cons: You may not receive any payment for your scrap. Transportation fees may apply.

#2. Private Companies May Provide Delivery Services

If you live in a rural community that is served by just one metal scrap yard, then there’s a good chance that there’s a business or private contractor that will move your scrap for you. You’ll need to contact the company and setup an appointment for your metal scrap to be removed. Some companies may require the scrap to be gathered in one specific location for the pick-up to occur. There may be daily or weekly routes run depending on the size of the region.

Pros: Your property gets cleaned up. You don’t have to transport the scrap to somewhere that could be dozens of miles away.

Cons: Compensation for the scrap is greatly reduced. You may have to sort all of your scrap according to type and quality. Appliances and junk cars may be disqualified from pick-up.

#3. Your Trash Program Might Pick Up Scrap Metal

If your city or township has a formal trash collection program, then there is a good chance that it will pick up your scrap metal for you. This may be part of a curbside program. It could also be part of an annual “Spring Clean Up” program. Most community run programs are easy to use since a specific truck comes to your property to pick up the trash. You may be offered a dumpster for your metal scrap independent of your trash program.

Pros: Your scrap metal is removed. Your community benefits from the value of the scrap. You may receive a credit on your utility bill.

Cons: Some pickup programs happen just 1 day per year. Other programs require you to call and book a pick up time, which can be one to two months away, depending on the demand for your local program. You typically must sort your metals out for collection. There may be an extra charge for picking up scrap metal in addition to receiving no payment for it.

#4. Talk To a Moving Company

Moving season in most communities happens throughout the summer. In the off-season, these companies have a large truck and nothing to do with it. Rather than let it sit idle, they might just come to grab your metal scrap and take it to the local yard for you. Other contractors that clean out foreclosures, restore rental properties, or do general purpose property work may also accept this kind of job.

Pros: You don’t have to do any of the collection or sorting of the scrap. Your property gets cleaned. Most companies like this are fully insured and bonded against damages that may occur on your property. The value of the scrap offsets the cost of hiring workers.

Cons: The cost of hiring workers may offset the value of the scrap and leave you with a revenue neutral outcome. You’re bringing strangers onto your property that may be unsupervised. Most companies won’t pay you for your scrap until after it is delivered.

#5. Rent a Truck From the Local Store

In the United States, retail stores like Home Depot offer truck rentals for as low as $19.95 per day + fuel charges if the rental is local. Other agencies, such as U-Haul, offer a similar service. You don’t need to have a commercial license in order to operate these trucks. Just take them home, load them up with your metal scrap, and then head out to the scrap yard to get your cash. When you’re done with the job, just return the truck.

Pros: A truck rental is often cheaper than a delivery fee. Trailers are available that can help you haul scrap cars in addition to other metals. You may already have insurance for the truck with certain credit/debit cards. Because you’re delivering the scrap metal to the yard, you get to keep all the cash.

Cons: You may need to pay an upfront damage deposit on the truck. Fuel costs can be high since some trucks only get 3-5 miles per gallon. You’ll need to load, sort, and unload the truck. Picking up the truck and delivering it later requires another vehicle, a potentially long walk, or time on public transportation. 

Which Scrap Metal Pick Up Option Is Best For You?

There is always a way to get your scrap metal over to your local yard. Some options will let you get paid for your scrap. Others won’t bring in cash, but will let you get your property cleaned up without cost.

Remember: non-ferrous scrap like brass and copper can be quite heavy yet still be compact enough to be delivered to your local scrap yard in almost any vehicle. It is easily possible to load the average car with up to 300-500 pounds of non-ferrous metal that could bring in $1.50-$3 per pound – up to $1500 of quick money.

Don’t let your scrap metal piles keep building up. You can get a great price on your metal scrap right now in the USA. Choose your preferred option and get to work – or make a call and have someone get to work cleaning up your property for you.

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